Witch Brew Ground Control Fire Pit

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The Witches Brew Ground Control Fire Pit


The "Witches Brew Ground Control" is  constructed of .25 plate 304 series stainless steel.  It was designed to come completely apart and pack flat.  It's heavy and that's the point.  Heavy duty.   All pieces come to your packed completely flat.  You simple assemble the pieces in 3 minutes and you have a beautiful ground standing fire pit that sits 6" off the ground.  You also have the option of the additional grill that snaps into place for your wood fired cooking addiction.  


Built in Baltimore, Md U.S.A. with pride


-.25 304 stainless firebox

-Sits 6" off ground when assembled

-Packs flat

-Easy to assemble

-Built to last


Shipping not included in price

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