"The Smithy" South African Bread Oven and Grill Stainless

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Product Overview

What we have here is a Stainless South African inspired wood-fired oven and grill.  This unit is extreme duty and powered by wood or charcoal.  It has a heat range of 100-900 degrees internal.  You can bake anything you would normally bake in an oven, but because of high heat range you can also cook true brick oven style 12' pizzas in 90 seconds!  This unit comes with an internal grate for cooking on and a 700 degree temp gauge.  This unit is available in stainless steel.  Made in America with Pride!


Optional accessories:

-Top exterior Grill rack 7.25" wide x 16" long with hook brackets (stainless)

-12" x 15" pizza stone

-12" x 14" pizza peel