BushGrill Extreme Duty

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The BushGrill from Crafted Fire

This extreme duty flat pack wood fired grill-stove-fire pit is the most unique outdoor cooking product you've probably ever seen.  It's built with very thick 3/16" American made steel and is completely indestructible.  This product is perfect for weekend camping with the family, solo road trips with your rv or van, tailgating with your friends, living off the grid, or a super useful tool if your girlfriend kicks to you the curb.  Also, have you seen the adjustable  kettle/dutch oven hook?  Yes, we are thinkers, not stinkers. 

-3/16" thick American Made Steel

-Packs Flat

-Comes with kettle hook


Available in:

Raw Steel

High Temp Black

High Temp Black with Stainless Grill Top